Map showing scars of the atomic bombing

This map was created by superimposing a map of present-day Hiroshima over aerial photos taken five days after the atomic bombing which depict the bombed ruins of the city. A total of 11 locations are shown on the map, including existing A-bombed buildings, memorials and monuments built by schools and groups, and municipal plaques describing the damage caused by the bombing, as well as city districts and city blocks. More

Reconstruction of townscape near the hypocenter, now Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

This is a restored map of the townscape of the neighborhood which lay near the hypocenter. The map was created in conjunction with the special series "Record of Hiroshima: Photographs of the Dead Speak," which was published in the Chugoku Shimbun from 1997 to 2000. The map covers the area of present-day Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park in downtown Hiroshima. More


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