Apr. 29, 2017
Shigeaki Mori wins special prize from Japan National Press Club for investigating American soldiers killed in A-bombing
Apr. 27, 2017
East building of Peace Memorial Museum reopens to public, enables visitors to gain deeper understanding of atomic bombing
Apr. 27, 2017
Girl’s diary, school uniform now on display at Peace Memorial Museum
Apr. 27, 2017
Three staff writers from Chugoku Shimbun are awarded JASTJ grand prize for series “Gray area: Effects of exposure to low-level radiation”
Apr. 26, 2017
Hiroshima Prefecture, SIPRI to make joint proposals for nuclear abolition at August conference
Apr. 26, 2017
Many people visit Peace Memorial Museum’s main building to view panoramic model and mannequins on final day
Apr. 26, 2017
Peace Memorial Museum’s east building uses state-of-the-art technology and conveys global conditions of nuclear arms
Apr. 26, 2017
East building of Peace Memorial Museum reopens, makes use of cutting-edge technology to convey impact of A-bombing
Apr. 24, 2017
20 junior high students in Hiroshima begin training to convey peace message in English on August 6
Apr. 22, 2017
High school students meet Hiroshima mayor before visit to Vienna for first Preparatory Committee for 2020 NPT Review Conference
Apr. 20, 2017
Peace Seeds: Teens in Hiroshima Sow Seeds of Peace (Part 43)
Apr. 19, 2017
161 A-bombed trees are examined, condition of 40% a source of concern
Apr. 18, 2017
Obama’s paper cranes are moved to east building of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum before closing of main building
Apr. 17, 2017
Pictures of Hiroshima, made by children in Belarus, are received in Japan
Apr. 15, 2017
New documentary film being made on students killed in Hiroshima A-bombing
Apr. 12, 2017
A-bomb survivors to join Peace Boat voyage and call for treaty to outlaw nuclear weapons
Apr. 8, 2017
New Hiroshima Report is released, scoring efforts by 36 nations for nuclear abolition
Apr. 4, 2017
Visitors to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum reach record high of 1.73 million in fiscal year 2016
Apr. 2, 2017
Commentary: Nuclear powers are needed to make nuclear ban treaty effective
Apr. 2, 2017
U.N. talks close after broad agreement is reached on nuclear ban treaty
Apr. 1, 2017
Excavation work beneath Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum ends after one year and five months
Apr. 1, 2017
Draft text of nuclear ban treaty is likely to be finalized in July