-Problems Left From the 20th Century-

During the 20th century, mankind has developed various industries, science and technologies, and has exchanged wisdom in order to save people from starvation, poverty and diseases. We have also been trying to banish discrimination and prejudice from our hearts by increasing opportunities for children to be educated, promoting activities to protect human rights, and deepening understanding among nations. We have sought for a world where people solve conflicts through international dialogue and where the weak(countries) are not suppressed by the strong(countries).
These goals have achieved considerably during the century, however there are a number of problems that remain unsolved.

Industries and sciences have been enriching our lives, but on the other hand, they have destroyed the beautiful environment and have created large gaps between the rich(countries) and the poor(countries).

Highly advanced industries and technologies have been abused for the development of chemical and nuclear weapons. Chemical weapons are banned by the treaty, however a number of nations still own nuclear weapons.

-Struggle for Human Existence-

When you become adults in the beginning of the 21st century, you will take over problems from the 20th century, which you have to solve together with adults. You are now studying hard, preparing for high school, university and for jobs in society, and without a doubt the major purpose of that is to make the earth a much better place to live.

The captain of the Earth is you. The following themes are waiting for you as you steer us into the "New Age of the Earth".

	1. Restoration of the rich resources of the forests and oceans
	2. Control of the growth of the global population
	3. Cooperation among different races and sexes
	4. Equal distribution of wealth
	5. Stabilizing energy use
	6. Elimination of deadly diseases such as AIDS and cancer
	7. Abolition of nuclear weapons and peacekeeping
Although you can challenge any theme you want, you cannot remain indifferent to the others because they are intricately related to each other. That is because "bettering mankind" is the purpose of this voyage.

Earth Data

Land area: 136,255,000 k㎡
Population: 575 million (as of 1995)
Membership of the United Nations: 184 countries (as of March 1995)
  Permanent members of the U. N. Security Council:U. S. A., U. K., France,China, Russia(former U. S. S. R.)
Potential countries of possessing and developing nuclear weapons: Israel, Iran, Iraq, India, Pakistan, North Korea
Membership of the NPT (Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty):175 countries (as of 1995)
☆Nuclear Free-Zones: Treaties for the prohibition of mass destructive weapons: Treaty for the prohibition of chemical and biological weapons: Refugees:27,400,000 (as of 1995)