Hiroshima '99 - Prayers and Appeals for Peace

August, 1999

It has been 54 years since the A-bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. What happens to a city, its people and their families, if a nuclear weapon is actually used? The most accurate report can be found in the experiences of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

August 6th and 9th of 1945 were very symbolic days in the history of the 20th century, which is often talked about as the century of conflicts among countries. However, the world has not yet been able to learn its lesson from these two events, and change the trend towards peace completely.

We would like many people to know about Hiroshima's experience in order to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons, to reduce the number of nuclear warheads and to continue international dialogue to resist wars and massacres. You will find the articles of The Chugoku Shimbun being introduced on our web site for such reasons.

Thank you

August 6, 1999 Peace Memorial Park, Hiroshima City (1999)
Chick seagull takes off (Aug 6th, 1999)
Creating century free of nuclear weapons on 54th anniversary of A-bombing (Aug 7th,1999)
News File on Peace Issues in 1999
Urging world to issue proclamation to abolish nuclear weapons before century ends, Nagasaki marks 54th anniversary of A-bombing
Hiroshima A-bomb survivors call prime minister for concrete plans
International conferences hosted separately by Gensuikyo and Gensuikin concludes in Hiroshima
Lights of requiem, lantern floating in Motoyasu River
Hiroshima commemorates 54th anniversary of A-bombing, praising hibakusha's contributions
Children's representatives deliver commitment to peace
1,000 additional A-bomb victims recently identified
Dr. Simon, surgeon of "Hiroshima Girls" , dies
Foreign Minister of Japan speaks highly of Tokyo Forum's key recommendations
Marchers and Pilgrims Arriving at Peace Memorial Park One after Another
Hiroshima Mayor Tadatoshi Akiba announces gist of Peace Declaration
World Conference Against A and H Bombs opens in Hiroshima
Renewing of heath books for 33 survivors from Republic of Korea
Indian Delegate to propose exchange of anti-nuclear student groups with Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Booklists of A-bomb victims opens to public at A-bomb Museum
First delegation to Gensuikin's world convention arrives in Hiroshima.
Tokyo Forum for Nuclear Nonproliferation and Disarmament
- Forum urges U.S., Russia to cut nukes to 1,000 - July 25
The 4th U.N. Conference on Disarmament Issues in Kyoto
- 11th U.N. disarmament confab closes in Kyoto - July 30
- U.N. disarmament confab opens in Kyoto - July 27
Hiroshima mayor, ambassadors send out peace messages- Aug 6
Lower house offers silent prayer for A-bomb victims- Aug 6
Antinuke groups wrap up conferences in Hiroshima- Aug 6
Obuchi becomes 1st premier to honor Korean A-bomb victims- Aug 6
Hiroshima commemorates 54th anniversary of A-bombing- Aug 6
Kazak radiation victim's paintings donated to museum - Aug 5
Record 1,230 A-bomb victims hospitalized in FY 1998 - Aug 4
Forum discusses better support for nuclear-bomb victims - Aug 4
School victims of Nagasaki A-bombing remembered - Aug 4
Antinuke group protests U.S. sales of A-bomb souvenirs - Aug 4
Obuchi to skip A-bomb memorial ceremony in Nagasaki - Aug 4
Memorial service held for school victims of A-bombing - Aug 4
Truman's handwritten consent on A-bomb statement found - Aug 3
Confab seeks int'l solidarity for nuclear abolition - Aug 3
Origami-inspired U.S. musician sings for peace - Aug 3
Scientists hold antinuke confab in Shizuoka - Aug 2
Hiroshima group to help nuclear victims in Kazakstan - Aug 2
India, Pakistan indicate ways to avoid nuclear war - Aug 2
Hiroshima kicks off music festival to promote peace - Aug 1
Ambassadors send peace messages to Hiroshima - Aug 1
A-bomb dropped as it could not be taken back - Aug 1
13th 'Peace Week in Nagasaki' starts - Aug 1
Ohira approved entry of nuclear-armed vessels in 1963 - July 31
Komura urges India to sign CTBT by Oct - July 28
Victims messages prevented 3rd nuke attack -July 28
Hiroshima Weekly (up to date weekly)
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