On August 6, 1945, an atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, the first nuclear attack in human history. Well over 60 years have passed since then. The average age of the atomic bomb survivors is now nearing 80 and the children of today will be the last generation able to hear their accounts of the bombing firsthand. In order to reflect on the preciousness of life and peace, Peace Seeds, a newspaper produced by Hiroshima teens, was launched in January 2007. Published twice a month in the Chugoku Shimbun, each two-page issue appeared on the front and back of a single insert.

Peace Seeds was published for more than five years, until February 2012. During this time, a total of 63 junior writers, ranging from the fifth grade of elementary school to the third year of high school, were selected from the community and became engaged in a wide variety of activities. As examples, Peace Seeds reporters conducted surveys of visitors to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park every August 6, the anniversary of the atomic bombing; helped arrange the APEC Junior Conference; interviewed such well-known figures as Ban Ki-moon, the secretary-general of the United Nations, Hayao Miyazaki, the acclaimed director of animated films, and Shigeaki Hinohara, the head of St. Luke's International Hospital; and organized a special exhibition on Peace Seeds at the Japan Newspaper Museum in Yokohama. A book and DVD about Peace Seeds were also produced, and information on Peace Seeds appeared in a social studies textbook for the fifth grade of elementary school. In all, 107 issues of Peace Seeds were published.

The Junior Writers now continue their efforts for peace along different paths, hoping these paths will cross again one day in the future.

Feature Stories

Issue 1 - 107

Survivors' Stories

Issue 101 - 107

Hiroshima Insight

Issue 101 - 107

Handing Down August 6

Issue 67 - 98

Q&A about Hiroshima

Issue 1 - 64

Living as a Global Citizen

Issue 56 - 107

Peace Classroom

Issue 28 - 54

Hiroshima in the World

Issue 1 - 27


Free DVD introduces "Peace Seeds"

Current Activities of the Junior Writers

Every Monday, the Chugoku Shimbun publishes:

Junior Writers Reporting, featuring stories on groups and schools involved in peace activities and international exchange

Survivors’ Stories, offering the firsthand accounts of atomic bomb survivors

Hiroshima Insight, introducing key terms connected to World War II, the atomic bombing, and war-time Hiroshima

Comments and other inquiries can be made via “Letters from Readers.” Requests for the free DVD “Welcome to Peace Seeds” can also be made in this way.>>>

about Peace Seeds

about Peace Seeds
Peace Seeds is a virtual peace garden where young people can plant seeds of peace in order to grow a more hopeful life. Thirty junior writers explore peace-related issues and report on how we might create a more peaceful world.