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The 55th anniversary of Hiroshima A-bombing

Peace Declaration
Hiroshima (Aug 6, 00)
Nagasaki (Aug 9, 00)

Photo Gallery
 Peace Memorial Park, Hiroshima City (Aug 6, 00)

Toward a nuclear-free century - A nuclear-weapon state summit in Hiroshima on A-Bomb Day (Aug 7, 00)
Appeal to humanity supersedes history (Aug 6, 00)

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Peace News
Crane sculpture unveiled to honor Nagasaki victims (Kyodo, 8/9/00)
2 antinuclear groups wrap up annual gatherings (Kyodo, 8/9/00)
Nagasaki marks 55th anniversary of atomic bombing (Kyodo, 8/9/00)
A-Bomb photo panel exhibition at Yakage-cho in Okayama Prefecture (8/9/00)
Memorial ceremony and gathering on Fukuyama Air Raid Day (8/9/00)
Russian Ambassador to Japan promises to "work for abolition" (8/7/00)
Prime Minister Mori to explore medical support for North Korean A-bomb Survivors (8/7/00)
10,000 lights flicker on the rivers (8/7/00)
Toward a nuclear-free new century 55 years after the atomic bombing (8/7/00)
A-bomb Day in Hiroshima (8/6/00)


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By Steve Leeper
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More Headlines
Nuclear experts speak at international symposium (8/5/00)
55th anniversary of Hiroshima A-bombing tomorrow (8/5/00)
Freshened Peace Park ready for prayer (8/3/00)
Family of US POW applies for entry to register of A-bomb victims (8/3/00)
A-bombed wall clock-a new marker: Hiroshima's Kazuo Takemoto tells his A-bomb experience (8/3/00)
Messages from 30 heads of state at Peace Memorial Museum (8/2/00)
Former Sarugaku-cho: Pre-bomb town revived with CG (8/1/00)
Outline for Aug 6 ceremony set, NPT President to attend (7/25/00)

Man detained for trying to assault Mori (8/6/00)
Mori says he will not make official visit to Yasukuni Shrine (8/6/00)
Mori to mull what can be done for foreign A-bomb survivors (8/6/00)
Truman's decision to drop A-bombs unjustifiable, essay says (8/5/00)
Japan's apology, compensation for Korean A-bomb victims urged (8/5/00)
LDP lawmaker speaks at Hiroshima antinuke confab (8/5/00)
Indian antinuke film director fighting unjust, radiation (8/5/00)
Record 1,242 A-bomb victims hospitalized in FY 1999 (8/4/00)
English-language panels feature at radiation exhibition (8/4/00)
Hiroshima museum to obtain rare A-bomb photos (8/4/00)
Benefits reinstated to former Lucky Dragon crew member (8/4/00)
Defense Agency chief Torashima to visit Yasukuni Shrine (8/4/00)
Another antinuke confab starts in Hiroshima (8/4/00)
40 young victims of Chernobyl accident to visit Japan (8/3/00)
Millennium Summit to call for enlargement of Security Council (8/3/00)
Russian ambassador to attend Hiroshima peace ceremony (8/3/00)
Japanese, Korean musicians, priests plan A-bomb event(8/3/00)
Hiroshima museum seeks A-bomb items kept overseas (8/3/00)
Nagasaki mourns death of 5,500 school A-bomb victims (8/3/00)
Ministry officially recognizes woman as A-bomb victim (8/2/00)
A-bomb survivor tells of torments, appeals for peace (8/2/00)
Annual antinuclear meetings start in Hiroshima (8/2/00)
Hiroshima to propose reconciliation on A-bomb anniversary (8/2/00)
LDP lawmaker seeks rational talks with antinuke group (8/2/00)
U.S., Japan secretly agreed on nuclear storage on Ogasawara (8/1/00)
U.S. conducting secret subcritical nuclear tests, group says (8/1/00)
Japan to submit new disarmament resolution to U.N. (8/1/00)
A-bomb survivors create computer image of bombed town (7/31/00)