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The Hiroshima Peace Media Center, seeking to advance the abolition of nuclear weapons and a broader peace in the world, is the only media agency dedicated exclusively to the coverage of peace-related concerns. Launched in January 2008 by the Chugoku Shimbun, Hiroshima's daily newspaper, the Hiroshima Peace Media Center maintains a bilingual English-Japanese website with local and international news, special coverage of issues involving nuclear disarmament and proliferation, commentaries by prominent figures in the field, and an archive of content related to the world's first atomic bombing. The site offers a wealth of information to support the efforts of researchers, journalists, teachers, students, activists, lawmakers, and other peace advocates.

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The pre-war history of Hiroshima is dominated by its role as a military city. As a result of this role, the city became a target for the atomic bomb. The devastation of the atomic bombing of 1945 thrust the history of Hiroshima into a new era, that of reconstruction. Over the next several decades the city was slowly rebuilt and space was created for Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. The history of Hiroshima in the post-war period is also marked by the personal struggles of the A-bomb survivors and their quest to abolish nuclear weapons from the world.

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