Welcome to the Hiroshima Peace Media Center

The Hiroshima Peace Media Center, seeking to advance the abolition of nuclear weapons and a broader peace in the world, is the only media agency dedicated exclusively to the coverage of peace-related concerns. Launched in January 2008 by the Chugoku Shimbun, Hiroshima's daily newspaper, the Hiroshima Peace Media Center maintains a bilingual English-Japanese website with local and international news, special coverage of issues involving nuclear disarmament and proliferation, commentaries by prominent figures in the field, and an archive of content related to the world's first atomic bombing. The site offers a wealth of information to support the efforts of researchers, journalists, teachers, students, activists, lawmakers, and other peace advocates.

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Peace education is an important part of the mission of the Hiroshima Peace Media Center. One of the main aspects of this peace education effort is conveying the reality of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima to the world as well as handing down the A-bomb experience to future generations. This objective is woven throughout our work, but the idea of peace education is probably best represented by Peace Seeds, a peace newspaper produced by Hiroshima youth under the auspices of the Hiroshima Peace Media Center.

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