our junior writers

Introducing the junior writers

We now welcome eight new members to our staff. Some of the initial members have moved on, bringing the current number of junior writers to 19.縲€・・ges are as of Sep. 30, 2007・・/p>

<Aoi Otomo, 12>縲€new member

I like to go to baseball games and I belong to the judo club. I hope you enjoy reading Peace Seeds.

<Masashi Muro, 14>縲€new member

I want to help with this newspaper in order to convey the tragedy of war and the importance of peace to people around the world, not just in Japan.

<Aya Tsuchie, 15>縲€new member

I hope to encourage people to think about peace. I look forward to covering a variety of stories and learning many new things.

<Risa Kushioka, 16>縲€new member

I want people to think about peace and how it transcends national borders. I'll do my best to make good use of this opportunity to be a junior writer!

<Shotaro Takata, 13>縲€new member

I play 窶彷lag football窶・-it窶冱 like American football. I窶冤l try to cover a lot of issues and I hope people enjoy reading our newspaper.

<Ryota Matsuda, 13>縲€new member

As a junior writer, I'll do my best and I hope to learn many new things!

<Moeko Takaki, 12>縲€new member

I like taiko drumming and I enjoy playing with my friends in a taiko group. As a junior writer, I want to write about many peace issues.

<Daishi Kobayashi, 15>縲€new member

I like to draw pictures. As a junior writer, I want to think deeply about the causes of war and write about my findings.

<Yuki Sakata, 13>

I enjoy drawing pictures, penmanship, swimming, dancing, and skiing. I also like English and Japanese. On weekends, I go bird-watching and I try to find kingfishers near Hiroshima Station.

<Ryu Kanchika, 18>

I look forward to meeting people through my interviews. I'm not good at writing essays, but I'll do my best to write interesting articles for my readers.

<Rikako Okada, 17>

I'll work hard with other writers to encourage people of all ages to take an interest in peace issues!

<Masahiro Mikoshi, 14>

I play baseball in junior high school. I'll do my best to promote peace!

<Kyoko Niiyama, 17>

Through our writing, I hope to make people more aware of Hiroshima's history and promote peace.

<Yutaro Honkawa, 17>

I want to share what you didn't know or what you wondered about, and in this way, deepen your awareness.

<Shiori Kosaka, 12>

This is my first experience working on a newspaper so it's very interesting. I'm the youngest member, but I'll do my best.

<Minako Iwata, 14>

I'll be happy if you read our newspaper and it strengthens your interest in peace. I'll work hard so please read our paper.

<Kotaro Tsuchida, 14>

I applied to be a junior writer because I'm interested in conflict resolution and peace, and I thought it would be a good chance to learn more about peace issues.

<Reika Konno, 13>

I want to think more about peace and share the things I learn with the world. I'll do my best to support our group.

<Aya Nakashige, 18>

I'm happy to work with friends of different ages. I'll do my best to help make this a wonderful newspaper!