our junior writers

Introducing the junior writers.

From the 76th edition we have 1 new junior writer on our team. Some of our original writers have moved on so there are now 20 contributors in total.

<Masataka Tanakao>new member

Since I belong to the photography club, I would like to make use of what I have learned in my club activities. I would like to write articles on peace from various points of view by listening to many people.

<Marina Ishimoto>

I belong to the volleyball team at school. I thought only adults read the newspaper, but I'll try to help produce an interesting paper for elementary school and junior high school students that will be easy for them to understand.

<Yuka Ichimura>

I am interested in environmental issues and their impact, including starvation. I like swimming. I would like to write articles that clearly convey what I want to say.

<Rena Sasaki>

I became a junior writer because I was impressed by another student I knew who was already one. I'm good at collecting information by searching through books and documents. I have a lot of things to learn, but I look forward to writing about peace for many people through Peace Seeds.

<Saaya Teranishi>

I'm very happy to become a junior writer. I like to make small handicrafts using beads. I don't have much confidence in writing articles yet, but I'll do my best to help make a good newspaper.

<Mei Yoshimoto>

I like to play the Japanese drum called "Wadaiko." I want to report on many kinds of peace activities and things that people aren't familiar with. I'll do my best to write clear and interesting articles.

<Yuji Iguchi>

I like to play table tennis. I want to report on the assistance given to refugees in the world.

<Arata Kono>

I like to read books and my favorite books are Takeru Kaido best-selling medical mystery series. I was hoping to become a junior writer and I'm looking forward to meeting people of all ages. I'm eager to take part in peace activities and report on them.

<Masaya Obayashi>

I遏・ on the baseball team at school and I play second base. As a junior writer, I want to write articles to convey the importance of peace. I try to do my best.

<Sachiko Kitayama>

I take lessons in modern ballet. I want to make good use of this opportunity to learn about peace issues and communicate these issues to many people. I try hard to write good articles that are easy for everyone to understand.

<Yumi Kimura>

Through this chance to work as a junior writer, I like to share my thoughts with many people. I want to write articles together with other junior writers so that the Peace Seeds readers will think about peace.

<Yusuke Suemoto>

I joined the Peace Seeds staff in April 2009. I'm in junior high and my hobbies are playing the piano, bird watching, and watching sports. Being a junior writer is a special chance and I hope to meet new people and deepen my knowledge of peace issues.

<Shiori Kusuo>

My dream is to become a newspaper reporter and make my hometown of Hiroshima a livelier city. I think working as a junior writer is a big chance for me to make my dream come true. I look to forward to preparing a variety of articles with the other junior writers.

<Chisa Nishida>

I like English and playing the bamboo flute. In the future, I want to introduce traditional Japanese music to the world. I also belong to a basketball team and I'd like to interact with people in the world through sports.

<Yuka Iguchi>

One year has passed since I became a junior writer. I was able to meet a variety of people during this year. I閾エe also come to feel that the idea of peace is connected to many parts of our lives. I want to continue learning a lot about peace.

<Seira Furukawa>

I like going to baseball games and playing basketball. I go to an international school, so I have quite a lot of confidence in my English speaking ability. I'm looking forward to contributing many interesting articles as a junior writer.

<Mako Sakamoto>

As a junior writer, I want to interview all sorts of people and write articles that make many more people feel concerned about what happened to Hiroshima.

<Shotaro Takata>

I play American football. I would like to interview people who are contributing to building a peaceful world and I want to help make Peace Seeds a newspaper that readers can enjoy and easily understand.

<Shiori Kosaka>

I'm so pleased that some new junior writers have joined us at last! I've just started my second year and I want to develop more, take in more, and deliver more than I have up to now.

<Minako Iwata>

I'll be happy if you read our newspaper and it strengthens your interest in peace. I'll work hard so please read our paper.