Hiroshima 2001
The 56th anniversary of Hiroshima A-bombing
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Peace Declaration
Hiroshima (Aug 6, 01)
Nagasaki (Aug 9, 01)

Photo Gallery
 Peace Memorial Park, Hiroshima City (Aug 6, 01)
- Hiroshima's day of prayer passing on the A-Bomb memories -

Stories on Aug 6th - 9th
Pledge for "century of humanity;" World Conference of Mayors for Peace closes
For a nuclear-free new century: Nagasaki A-bomb day
10,000 lanterns afloat on Motoyasu River
Children's peace statue unveiled
Hiroshima mayor proclaims a "century of peace and humanity"
Flowers jointly offered to memorial cenotaph by representatives of the North and South
Prime Minister tours Peace Memorial Museum
Representatives of children mince no words in their pledge to work for peace
Prime Minister holds press conference in Hiroshima; regarding a state visit to Yasukuni Shrine, "I am presently consider carefully"
Participants in ceremony fold their hopes into paper cranes

For a nuclear-free century: starting with nuclear abolition and survivor relief (Aug 7, 01)
Let's send out the warning from the A-bombed city (Aug 6, 01)

Peace News
Mayors Conference for Peace of adopts first activity plan 8/6/01
The 32nd Memorial Service for the Korean Atomic Bomb Survivors 8/6/01
Diary of young girl killed by Atomic Bombing used in school textbook 8/6/01
August 6 "A-bomb Day" in Hiroshima; handing down of hibakusha experience urgent 8/5/01
World Conference of Mayors for Peace Through Inter-City Solidarity opens in Hiroshima 8/5/01
Tell truth about damage to next generation; Marshall Islands representatives hold press conference 8/5/01
English film director covers Hiroshima aboard A-bombed streetcar 8/5/01
World Conference of Mayors for Peace to open in Hiroshima 8/3/01
Number of surviving A-bomb victims in Hiroshima City falls under 90,000 8/2/01
"A-Bomb Victim Lists" opened to public 8/01/01
Hiroshima Survivors Association to open A-bomb exhibit in Hanoi in October 7/26/01
"Bridge" from Hiroshima to future nearing completion 7/25/01
Peace Watch Clock to be installed in Peace Memorial Museum 7/24/01
Hiroshima Alliance for Nuclear Weapons Abolition 3/21/01

Ten Years after Use
Awareness of DU Hazard Penetrating
Discounted casualties
- the human cost of
depleted uranium -

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