Apr. 30, 2019
Long line forms to visit newly reopened Peace Memorial Museum
Apr. 30, 2019
Third session of Preparatory Committee for 2020 NPT Review Conference opens in New York
Apr. 26, 2019
Main building of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum reopens with new exhibits that vividly convey day of A-bombing
Apr. 26, 2019
Sharing A-bomb experience with granddaughter in front of sister’s A-bombed blouse on display in Peace Memorial Museum
Apr. 26, 2019
Renovated main building of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum receives favorable response from visitors
Apr. 25, 2019
Interview with Takuo Takigawa, new director of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, on museum’s next efforts
Apr. 24, 2019
Main building of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum reopens with 538 items on display
Apr. 24, 2019
17-year-old girl’s blouse scorched by A-bomb’s heat rays is displayed at Peace Memorial Museum
Apr. 24, 2019
9.41 million signatures calling for nuclear weapons ban treaty to be submitted to the U.N.
Apr. 23, 2019
Liaison conference asks Japanese government to provide support to North Korean A-bomb survivors
Apr. 19, 2019
Prayer for reconstruction of Notre Dame Cathedral offered in Memorial Cathedral for World Peace in Hiroshima
Apr. 18, 2019
Hiroshima mayor announces promotional video by Mayors for Peace to deliver message on nuclear weapons ban treaty to the world
Apr. 18, 2019
2019 “Hiroshima Appeals” poster to be created by second-generation A-bomb survivor
Apr. 16, 2019
New rose variety named “ICAN” encourages ICAN group members
Apr. 16, 2019
Junior writers consider Cambodia: Ways to lend support to the Cambodian people
Apr. 15, 2019
Photos of Taishoya Kimono Shop, formerly housed in Rest House building, now on display at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
Apr. 10, 2019
Sharp drop in number of A-bomb survivors sharing their experiences
Apr. 8, 2019
Number of visitors to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum declines by 9.4% in fiscal 2018
Apr. 5, 2019
20 nations are downgraded for nuclear disarmament efforts in newly released Hiroshima Report 2019
Apr. 4, 2019
Organizations submit letter to mayor opposing restrictions on August 6 demonstration
Apr. 3, 2019
Hiroshima University sends reinforcing bars taken from building that survived atomic bombing to Cambridge University
Apr. 1, 2019
Japanese A-bomb survivors to visit South Korea and form exchange group with local survivors
Apr. 1, 2019
Japan-South Korea exchange group to be newly established on April 19, aims to enhance support to A-bomb survivors in both nations