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Survivors' Stories

Survivors’ Stories: Keisaburo Toyonaga, 87, Aki Ward, Hiroshima City―Mother was lying with her face black and swollen
Survivors’ Stories: Hirotoshi Morimoto, 90, Naka Ward, Hiroshima City—Most classmates were killed
Survivors’ Stories: Junko Kayashige, 83, Nishi Ward, Hiroshima
Survivors’ Stories: Sueko Fukuda, 82, Asakita Ward, Hiroshima – Lost eldest sister and thrown into dire straits after the war
Survivors’ Stories: Hiroshi Harada, 83, Asaminami Ward, Hiroshima―Fled while stepping on human bodies

The Chugoku Shimbun Junior Writers Reporting

Junior Writers Reporting: Debates at summit also involve us — Learning more about G7 Hiroshima Summit

Before the summit meeting of the G7 (Group of Seven industrialized nations) held in Hiroshima in May, the city is convening events to enhance momentum for the summit and posted signs around the city t


Peace Movies

Media exchange with U.S. Ambassador Rahm Emanuel in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park on March 26, 2022



Silent Witness

The tweezers that were used to remove pieces of glass impaled in the bodies of the wounded. (Photo taken by Manabu Hamaoka)