Jul. 8, 2019
A-bombed remains of former Nakajima district in Peace Memorial Park opened to public for first time
Jul. 6, 2019
City of Hiroshima sends names of 814 A-bomb victims to organizations nationwide in search of bereaved families
Jul. 5, 2019
Six A-bomb survivor groups urge Hiroshima mayor to call on world leaders to sign nuclear weapons ban treaty in Peace Declaration for the first time
Jul. 4, 2019
Hiroshima, Daegu doctors joining forces to convey memories of atomic bombing
Jul. 2, 2019
Seven A-bomb survivors’ groups to urge Japanese government to sign and ratify nuclear weapons ban treaty
Jul. 2, 2019
Number of A-bomb Survivor’s Certificate holders falls below 150,000, average age now 82.65
Jul. 2, 2019
Youth Action Forum opens in Hiroshima with young people from 12 nations learning about nuclear weapons