Tokyo-based photographer from Hiroshima holds exhibition of scenes of Peace Park

by Masakazu Domen, Staff Writer

Photographer Keiko Sasaoka, 31, originally from Hiroshima and now a resident of Tokyo, is holding an exhibition of her work at Gallery G located in downtown Hiroshima. Eight pieces showing Peace Memorial Park and its surroundings, which are part of her "Park City" series, are on display. This is her first exhibition in her hometown and continues until February 14.

The "Park City" series is her representative work and a photo collection of the series was published at the end of last year. Ms. Sasaoka explores new photographic expressions of Hiroshima with her unique style of photographing almost pitch-dark spaces in the park at night and deserted areas inside Peace Memorial Museum.

Ms. Sasaoka is a graduate of Tokyo Zokei University and has received awards at contemporary art exhibitions and held solo exhibitions in Tokyo and other locations. She commented, "I'm looking forward to responses to my work from people in Hiroshima."

(Originally published on February 11, 2010)