Hiroshima City University presents plan to relocate Hiroshima Peace Institute

by Uzaemonnaotsuka Tokai, Staff Writer

On February 13, Hiroshima City University (HCU) in Asaminami Ward, Hiroshima, presented its medium-term plan between fiscal 2010 and fiscal 2015 to an evaluation committee comprised of external experts. The plan includes the idea of relocating the university's research unit of the Hiroshima Peace Institute (HPI) in Naka Ward to the university campus. While the plan proposes enhancing the HPI's educational functions, it does not specify a timeline for the relocation.

The HPI, which has been leasing the 9th and 10th floors of an 11-story building in the central part of the city, occupies a total of about 1,300 square meters. After the relocation, the institute will cooperate with HCU's Graduate School of International Studies and enable graduate students to earn degrees, both master's degrees and doctorate degrees, in a peace studies program involving war and conflict prevention. The current space occupied by the HPI will be reduced and serve as a "satellite campus" to provide language study courses for adults.

The university will be transferred to a public university corporation in April. HCU intends to seek the approval of Hiroshima Mayor Tadatoshi Akiba for the plan around July. The timeline for the HPI's relocation will reportedly be clarified after the transition of the university to the corporation.

(Originally published on February 14, 2010)

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