Route to tour Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum will change

by Sakiko Masuda, Staff Writer

On July 13, the City of Hiroshima confirmed its plan for altering the exhibits at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. According to the plan, the route for touring the museum will be revised so that visitors can learn about the horrific effects of the atomic bombing even within a limited amount of time. The renovation of the museum is scheduled to be completed by fiscal year 2016.

The new route will feature the following course: By installing a new escalator at the entrance to the East Building, which leads directly to the third floor, visitors will first absorb the whole picture of the atomic bombing there; then, in the Main Building, they will view A-bomb artifacts and belongings of A-bomb victims; next, the visitors will return to the East Building to learn about the danger of nuclear weapons and the path Hiroshima took during World War II; and, finally, they will tour the current special exhibition. The plan also calls for efforts to be made to locate survivors who can relate their experiences of the bombing.

The total cost for the project is estimated at about 4.67 billion yen. A survey carried out in fiscal year 2003 found that visitors, in an average 45-minute tour, spend a smaller portion of their time in the Main Building which conveys the true impact of the atomic bomb tragedy. The committee of experts commissioned by the City of Hiroshima to review the exhibits at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum began discussion on the matter in 2008. The committee approved the draft of the plan at the end of February 2010.

(Originally published on July 14, 2010)