360-degree views of inside of A-bomb Dome posted to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum website

by Yumi Kanazaki, Staff Writer

On October 5, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum posted panoramic views of the inside of the A-bomb Dome on its website. The three-dimensional images can be freely moved by the computer user, offering the sense of being inside the dome and seeing 360-degree views of the structure.

The museum has provided images from three locations: near the main entrance, right below the domed roof, and in the eastern point of the dome. Iron support beams extending inside the dome to reinforce the aging building, as well as scattered rubble, can be clearly seen.

The museum created the images based on footage shot by Northern Lights, a company located in Sapporo, Japan, which had recorded the images, with the permission of the City of Hiroshima, back in 2005. Northern Lights, which shoots such things as war remains, provided the images for free.

The museum has also modified its database of A-bomb materials to enable users to look at related images, footage of A-bomb accounts, and books at one time. Explanations made in English and French have also been added to some parts of the website.

(Originally published on October 5, 2010)