World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates secretariat expresses concern over U.S. subcritical nuclear test

by Yumi Kanazaki, Staff Writer

On the evening of October 18, the secretariat in Rome for "The 2010 World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates," to be held from November 12 to 14 in the City of Hiroshima, expressed concern over the recent U.S. subcritical nuclear test. The secretariat issued a statement to U.S. President Barack Obama, last year's Nobel Peace Prize laureate, which said: "…we do hope that by attending the upcoming Nobel for Peace Summit in Hiroshima, President Obama will reiterate his wish for a nuclear arms free world…"

Touching on the letter of protest issued by Hiroshima Mayor Tadatoshi Akiba on October 13, the statement makes clear: "We do share Mayor Akiba's concerns about the first U.S. subcritical atomic test under President Barack Obama" and requests that he "leave no doubts on his solemn pledge [to seek the abolition of nuclear weapons]."

A statement requesting Mr. Obama's attendance at the summit, which was jointly signed by five Nobel Peace Prize laureates, including former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev, was sent this past August. In Hiroshima as well, an effort to send an invitation to the summit to Mr. Obama, jointly signed by Mayor Akiba, Governor Hidehiko Yuzaki, and other local government leaders, was made in September. A reply has not been received.

The statement also calls for the imprisoned Liu Xiaobo, a human rights activist in China and this year's Nobel Peace Prize laureate, to be permitted to attend the summit.

(Originally published on October 20, 2010)