Speaker of The Turkish Grand National Assembly visits Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

by Yumi Kanazaki, Staff Writer

On October 20, Mahmet Sahin, the Speaker of The Grand National Assembly of Turkey, visited Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and learned about the true effects of the A-bomb damage. He has been in Japan since October 18 at the invitation of Takahiro Yokomichi, the Speaker of Japan's House of Representatives.

Mr. Sahin toured the museum guided by Koichiro Maeda, director of the museum, and studied the exhibits that convey the horrific consequences of the atomic bombing and the city under reconstruction after the blast. Afterwards, he met with Seiko Ikeda, 78, an A-bomb survivor in Hiroshima, and listened closely to her account.

Ms. Ikeda spoke about the hardship of undergoing surgery, as many as 15 times, for the burns on her face caused by the bombing. She asked Mr. Sahin to lend his support in the effort for nuclear abolition. Mr. Sahin remarked that his experience of Hiroshima has been heartbreaking, filling him with anger and sorrow. He went on to say that the leaders of the nuclear weapon states should listen to the voices of the A-bomb survivors in Hiroshima. He then offered his hand to Ms. Ikeda.

(Originally published on October 21, 2010)