Old wing of Hiroshima Andersen building: Company team studies rebuilding

Walls that survived A-bombing to be preserved

by Shinya Hori, Staff Writer

The Andersen Group plans to rebuild the old wing of its building on the Hondori shopping arcade in Hiroshima’s Naka Ward it was learned on February 2. Plans prepared by an in-house team call for the exterior walls of the old wing, which survived the atomic bombing, to be preserved and used on the new structure.

The walls are on the north and east sides of the two-story structure on the Hondori shopping arcade and measure 22 meters long and 7 meters high. Because the building has been remodeled several times since the atomic bombing, only two walls remain from that time, and the plan to preserve them was worked out.

The in-house project team set up at the Andersen Institute of Bread & Life Co., Ltd. has spent one year in discussions. The team plans to proceed with a detailed examination of construction methods and project costs and seek final approval by the company. The new building is scheduled for completion in 2018, the 70th anniversary of the company’s founding.

Andersen is also engaged in discussions with the City of Hiroshima, which has a system that offers subsidies for buildings that survived the atomic bombing. A member of the city’s Peace Promotion Division said, “The building is near the hypocenter and tells the story of the atomic bombing, so we’d like the company to preserve at least part of it.”

The Andersen building, the only structure on the Hondori shopping arcade that survived the A-bombing, is used as a combination bakery and restaurant.


Old wing of the Hiroshima Andersen building
When it was built in 1925, what is now the old wing of the Hiroshima Andersen building housed the Hiroshima branch of Mitsui Bank. At the time of the atomic bombing in 1945, the Hiroshima branch of the Teikoku Bank occupied the two-story Renaissance-style building, which is located 360 meters from the hypocenter. The Andersen Group purchased the building in 1967 and opened a store in it. In 1978 the company built an eight-story structure on the adjacent property and integrated the old structure into it.

(Originally published on February 3, 2015)