Commitment to Peace

August 6, 2015

On August 20 last year, we lost one of our fellow students in a disastrous landslide.
We came to know the grief that comes from suddenly losing a friend we took for granted.

8:15 a.m., August 6, 1945 Under the blazing sun, a single atomic bomb stole away buildings, nature, and countless precious lives.
Though we didn’t experience what happened that day, we can now better imagine the despair that comes with losing loved ones.

Seventy years have passed.
Now, Hiroshima is a beautiful city with lush greenery and colorful, blooming flowers where we can all smile and be happy.

In this city we feel the desire for peace.
All around us are things that bring peace to mind:
The many paper cranes we see in Peace Memorial Park;
The A-bomb damage we see in the Peace Memorial Museum;
The hibakusha stories, with their sorrow, agony, and powerful desire for peace; And this Commitment to Peace, which we, Children’s Representatives, now read aloud.
Our grandparents survived the bombing and lived on these past 70 years in Hiroshima, passing life on to us.

Accepting this legacy of life and love of peace, we think about what we can do and work to create “everyday peace.”
Won’t you, too, think more about peace with close friends, people of different generations, and people who live in other countries and regions?

We, children of Hiroshima,
Vow one by one
To connect the truth,
The hopes and desires of the hibakusha,
And our own desire for peace.
From the past and present
To the future.

Children’s Representatives:
Yuro Kuwahara (6th grade, Hiroshima City Hakushima Elementary School)
Yuka Hosokawa (6th grade, Hiroshima City Yano-minami Elementary School)