Voices of A-bomb survivors : Hiroshi Harada, 76, resident of Asaminami Ward

Experienced the atomic bombing while at Hiroshima Station, about 2 kilometers from the hypocenter, at the age of 6. Served as the director of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum from April 1993 to March 1997.

With President Obama’s visit to Hiroshima as a new start, I plan to keep an eye on the kinds of concrete actions he will take during the remainder of his presidency and beyond. To fuel his actions in the future, I hope he will look at the A-bomb artifacts on display at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and listen to the account of a survivor who experienced the bombing at a location within two kilometers of the hypocenter. I also hope that any tour of the museum and meeting with an A-bomb survivor will not be held behind closed doors. I want him to make this visit to Hiroshima an opportunity to reexamine the meaning of the atomic bombing.

[This is a shortened version of the original Japanese text.]