World Business Conference for World Peace closes

by Takamasa Kyoren, Staff Writer

Hidehiko Yuzaki, the governor of Hiroshima Prefecture, held a dialogue with Jacques Attali, the first head of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, on November 6 as part of the World Business Conference for World Peace, which was held in downtown Hiroshima. They signed and exchanged memorandums of understanding on cooperation to advance peace in the world.

The memorandum between the Hiroshima prefectural government and the Global Positive Forum, a private organization based in France and headed by Mr. Attali, states that they will cooperate with one other in such areas as conveying information on global peace and training personnel.

Mr. Yuzaki spoke about ways to contribute to the realization of peace through economic activities. He stressed that there are cases where selfish economic activities lead to a divided society. He also said that it is important for nations and people to think altruistically about actions that can benefit the generations which follow.

Mr. Attali said that all businesses, non-governmental organizations, and educators need to do their best to protect diversity and maintain the solidarity of the world. He also said that it is important to build infrastructure for peace in various fields including economics, culture, and education.

Closing on November 6, the two-day conference was attended by some 340 participants, including representatives of Japanese and overseas businesses and non-governmental organizations. The conference was sponsored by an executive committee composed of the Hiroshima prefectural government and other entities.

(Originally published on November 7, 2018)