Pakistani senator tours Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, says that use of nuclear arms is not an option

(by Yusuke Egawa, Staff Writer)

On March 11, Shahzad Waseem, a senator of Pakistan, a nuclear-armed nation, visited Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park in Naka Ward. He talked about the recent tensions that have occurred between his nation and neighboring India, and expressed the view that Pakistan maintains a nuclear deterrence for its own self-preservation but has never thought of using it offensively.

Mr. Waseem was guided by Kenji Shiga, the museum director, during his tour of the Peace Memorial Museum. He looked closely at the exhibits, including a computer graphics display which shows the devastated landscape of the A-bombed city and a child’s charred tricycle. He offered prayers at the Cenotaph for the A-bomb Victims, and also listened to a survivor’s account of the atomic bombing.

Responding to questions from the media, Mr. Waseem stressed the idea of seeking a peaceful resolution to ease tensions with India. He said that there would only be losers if a war broke out, and that people must make efforts to advance peace and global prosperity. His visit to Japan was at the invitation of Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and his first visit to Hiroshima was arranged at this own request.

(Originally published on March 12, 2019)