Organizations submit letter to mayor opposing restrictions on August 6 demonstration

On April 3, four organizations that hold a demonstration on August 6 submitted a letter of request to the City of Hiroshima that the city not restrict their demonstration. The letter referenced a survey of citizens that was carried out by the city which concerns voices coming from loudspeakers in connection with the demonstration held around the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, located in Naka Ward, when the Peace Memorial Ceremony is held on August 6.

Six members from organizations that include the “August 6 Hiroshima Grand Action” paid a visit to City Hall. They criticized Hiroshima Mayor Kazumi Matsui for the fact that restrictions on demonstrations through city regulations was one of the choices in the survey. They said that the idea of placing restrictions on their right to raise their voices against Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is completely unacceptable. This is the third letter they have submitted since last December.

The members of the demonstrating groups also asked how the results of the survey were summarized. Takayuki Yamane, the director of the Citizens Activities Promotion Division of the City of Hiroshima, said that they had finished summarizing the results and that they would consider how to make these results public after voting and ballot-counting for the mayor and city assembly elections held on April 7. He did not clearly state when the results would be revealed.

(Originally published on April 4, 2019)