Prayer for reconstruction of Notre Dame Cathedral offered in Memorial Cathedral for World Peace in Hiroshima

Following a massive fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral, a World Heritage site in Paris, France, followers offered prayers for the reconstruction of the cathedral in the Memorial Cathedral for World Peace, located in Naka Ward, Hiroshima, on the evening of April 18. The church bell was rung at 6:50 p.m., Japan time, to mark the time when the fire broke out.

About 100 followers took part in the prayer service. Bishop Mitsuru Shirahama, 56, of the Diocese of Hiroshima said, “Let us bring our hearts together, hoping for a swift recovery and praying for the people in sorrow” at the pulpit where a photo of the Notre Dame Cathedral in flames was put on view. While the sound of the bell tolled throughout the church, those in attendance placed their palms together and offered a silent prayer. They all sang a hymn to the Virgin Mary.

The Memorial Cathedral for World Peace is part of the same Catholic Church as the Notre Dame Cathedral. After the fire, the Diocese of Hiroshima took time to pray before a regular mass.

(Originally published on April 19, 2019)