LDP parliamentary group members to propose that government provide assistance for preserving A-bomb remains

Parliamentary group members of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), who support relief measures for A-bomb survivors, held a general assembly at the Diet Members’ Office Building of the Lower House on June 21 and decided to make an immediate proposal for providing assistance for Hiroshima’s efforts to preserve and hand down the remains of the atomic bombing. The decision was made in line with the city’s ongoing plans to excavate and exhibit the A-bomb remains of the former Nakajima district, which lies buried beneath the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park in Naka Ward.

Furthermore, with regard to the relocation plan of the Radiation Effects Research Foundation in Minami Ward, an organization which has been jointly operated by the Japanese and U.S. governments, the LDP members will urge the Japanese government to support the relocation by obtaining an agreement from the United States to cover some of the relocation costs. They will also ask the government to promote a project to spread widely the wish of the A-bomb survivors for creating a peaceful world in conjunction with the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombings in 2020.

The parliamentary members group has also decided to change its name to the Parliamentary Association to Promote Relief Measures for A-bomb Survivors and to work toward realizing the abolition of nuclear weapons and eternal world peace. Takeo Kawamura, the president of the association (and a representative of the third district of Yamaguchi), said, “In addition to our efforts to support the A-bomb survivors, we would also like to support the peace movement,” and his comments were endorsed by the other members.

(Originally published on June 22, 2019)