Zero Project Hiroshima to open on October 22 with wishes for peace expressed through art

by Kyoko Niiyama, Staff Writer

An event in which artists from Japan and the United States will express their wishes for peace will be held in downtown Hiroshima from October 22 through November 2. Various forms of art that include photography, imagery, and music will be used during “Zero Project Hiroshima.” The event will be held at the former Hiroshima branch building of the Bank of Japan.

The 14 artists involved in the event include Cannon Hersey, 42, a New York-based artist. Mr. Hersey’s grandfather wrote a reportage titled Hiroshima in the year after the atomic bombing to report to the world about the horrifying conditions he found in the city. During the event, video works produced on such themes as the atomic bombing and peace will be shown. A workshop about trees that survived the atomic bombing will also be held on October 27.

Mr. Hersey and others plan to plant “survivor trees” in Hiroshima next year. The trees survived the terrorist attacks in the United States in 2001. A gathering to prepare for this tree planting will be held on October 28.

This year’s Zero Project Hiroshima will be the third such event to be held, following the first and second projects held in 2018 and 2019. It is being organized by “1Future,” a non-profit organization for which Mr. Hersey serves as a co-leader. This event is also supported by the Hiroshima International Cultural Foundation. Applications for participation in the workshop and other activities are now being accepted. For further information, please email the following address: hiroshima.zeroproject@gmail.com

(Originally published on October 21, 2019)