Hiroshima Prefecture to collect opinions from citizens about its utilization of the former Army Clothing Depot

On December 16, Hiroshima prefecture announced it would implement a “public comment” survey to broadly collect opinions from citizens about its original proposal of demolishing part of the Former Army Clothing Depot buildings for safety. Opinions will be gathered from December 17 through January 16 of next year. In February, based on citizen opinion, the prefecture will finalize its direction regarding management of the buildings.

The prefecture prepared the survey form to gain citizens’ opinions. The survey asks 15 multiple choice and written questions, concerning whether or not the respondent agrees to the prefecture’s original proposal of preserving only one building of the Depot, dismantling the other two owned by the prefecture, and what measures should be taken to utilize those buildings if they are kept. Free comment columns are also available in the survey.

Citizens are given three methods to answer the survey and provide their opinions: respond to the survey on the prefecture’s website, send their response via e-mail, or send it by post. The prefecture will not accept feedback from visitors to the office or by telephone. It will sort collected opinions according to their contents, and announce its direction on the prefectural government website at a later date.

The survey form can be obtained on the prefectural government’s website, at the prefectural office or at any of the eight prefectural general affairs branches. For further information, please call the prefecture’s Properties Management Section, any weekday at 082-513-2305.

(Originally published on December 17, 2019)