Hiroshima Insight

Atomic Bomb Memorial Mound

Holds remains of 70,000 victims

Beneath the Atomic Bomb Memorial Mound in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park are the remains of approximately 70,000 victims of the atomic bombing. The identities of most of the victims are unknown, but the remains of 816 people have been identified, yet have not been claimed.

The Atomic Bomb Memorial Mound was first created in 1946, the year after the bombing, at nearly the same location as the current mound, which was built in 1955. During the process of reconstructing the city, the remains of many victims were unearthed at the construction sites of roads and buildings, and these remains were taken, one after another, to the mound. Recently, in 2005, remains discovered on Ninoshima Island, where many of the wounded were ferried in the aftermath of the bombing, were placed in the mound, too.

When it comes to the remains that have been identified, the City of Hiroshima disseminates a list of names to the public in order to seek family members of the victims. Every few months, the Atomic Bomb Survivors Relief Department in City Hall apparently receives a couple of inquiries from people who are searching for clues as to the whereabouts of a family member.

Kaoru Osugi, a section head at the Atomic Bomb Survivors Relief Department, said, “We hope to swiftly return the remains of victims currently at rest in the Atomic Bomb Memorial Mound to their families. Please contact us if you are looking for a loved one.”