Junior Writers Reporting

“Hiroshima and Holocaust” study tour participants deliver painting to Hiroshima mayor

by Yuji Yamamoto, Staff Writer

During their visit to Poland, the participants of the “Hiroshima and the Holocaust” study tour visited the city of Oswiecim where the former site of the Auschwitz concentration camp is located, and delivered a message of peace from Hiroshima Mayor Kazumi Matsui, the president of Mayors for Peace, to Oswiecim Mayor Janusz Chwierut. In return, the tour participants received a landscape painting from Mr. Chwierut, and delivered it to Mr. Matsui after arriving back in Hiroshima.

The painting, done with dark brushwork, is by the well-known Polish painter Paweł Warchoł and shows Oswiecim Castle standing near a bridge. Seven students visited the Hiroshima City Office, and Arata Kono, 17, a third-year high school student and a junior writer for the Chugoku Shimbun, handed the painting to Mr. Matsui on behalf of the tour participants. “We may have different values, but we’re all human beings. I hope you will talk with people from various countries, share your thoughts and feelings with them, and make efforts to help create peace in the world,” Mr. Matsui said, encouraging their peace activities.

During their trip to Europe, the study tour participants also delivered a message from Mayor Matsui to the mayor of Amsterdam, where the Anne Frank House is located.

(Originally published on May 18, 2015)