Apr. 28, 2008
All 14 major cities in Hiroshima Prefecture join Mayors for Peace
Apr. 24, 2008
A-bomb testimonies reflect remorse over victims’ pleas for water
Apr. 22, 2008
Number of visitors to Peace Memorial Museum exceeds 1.3 million in past fiscal year
Apr. 21, 2008
48 works of art sent to U.S. 61 years ago to be exhibited in Hiroshima
Apr. 18, 2008
Itinerary for the G8 Speakers Summit announced by the city of Hiroshima
Apr. 17, 2008
“Nuclear Weapons Attack Damage Estimate Report” to be translated into English
Apr. 10, 2008
Writer and A-bomb survivor Hiroko Takenishi publishes a book of talks
Apr. 8, 2008
Calls from Hiroshima for peace in Tibet
Apr. 4, 2008
Fifth-graders from Hiroshima International School visit Peace Memorial Museum
Apr. 3, 2008
Hiroshima citizens’ group campaigns against depleted uranium weapons
Apr. 2, 2008
Hiroshima International Contribution Network supports peace education in Cambodia