Nov. 25, 2009
Hiroshima Memo: U.S. president and Japanese prime minister should listen to the voices of Hiroshima’s children
Nov. 23, 2009
Hiroshima and the World: Hiroshima’s Message to the World
Nov. 20, 2009
Translations of "Children of the Atomic Bomb" grow in number
Nov. 19, 2009
Interview with Professor Oshima of Hiroshima Shudo University on President Obama’s speech in Tokyo
Nov. 16, 2009
Visit by Obama to the A-bombed cities would encourage U.S.-Japan reconciliation
Nov. 15, 2009
Hiroshima Memo: Tomoe Yamashiro’s efforts and achievements deserve greater recognition
Nov. 13, 2009
Five years since the death of Tomoe Yamashiro
Nov. 10, 2009
Hiroshima and the World: We can imagine and build a world free of nuclear weapons
Nov. 2, 2009
Hiroshima Memo: Reciprocal visits to Hiroshima and Pearl Harbor by U.S. and Japan leaders should promote the abolition of nuclear weapons and mutual reconciliation