Aug. 31, 2016
Students submit declaration from Hiroshima Junior International Forum to Japanese foreign minister
Aug. 30, 2016
Group from Hiroshima University to visit Czech Republic and donate fragments of A-bomb Dome to relative of architect
Aug. 30, 2016
Hiroshima Round Table ends with chairman’s summary, calls on countries to have dialogue on nuclear disarmament
Aug. 28, 2016
Hiroshima Round Table brings together experts from four nations to discuss nuclear disarmament
Aug. 27, 2016
10 young officials from member cities of Mayors for Peace learn about Hiroshima
Aug. 27, 2016
South Korean college students visit Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and listen to A-bomb survivor
Aug. 26, 2016
High school peace ambassadors report on their activities at U.N. headquarters in Geneva
Aug. 25, 2016
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum to extend exhibition of Obama’s paper cranes to next January
Aug. 24, 2016
Students at Hiroshima Junior International Forum issue declaration to advance nuclear disarmament
Aug. 23, 2016
International Junior Forum participants discuss peace issues in Hiroshima
Aug. 19, 2016
A-bomb survivors criticize prime minister over opposition to “no-first-use” policy
Aug. 18, 2016
Peace Seeds: Teens in Hiroshima Sow Seeds of Peace (Part 35)
Aug. 17, 2016
A-bomb survivors express anger over prime minister’s opposition to “no first use” of nuclear arms
Aug. 12, 2016
Test flight of U.S. aircraft performed for ten minutes above Iwakuni base
Aug. 9, 2016
Teachers from Middle East and North Africa undergo training in Hiroshima
Aug. 9, 2016
A-bomb survivors mark 60th anniversary of group’s founding
Aug. 9, 2016
Nagasaki Peace Declaration 2016
Aug. 6, 2016
Junior high school students convey messages for peace to 40 ambassadors in English
Aug. 6, 2016
The City of Hiroshima: PEACE DECLARATION
Aug. 5, 2016
As A-bomb anniversary again dawns, Hiroshima calls on world to abolish nuclear arms
Aug. 5, 2016
8 young people from member cities of Mayors for Peace learn about atomic bombing
Aug. 5, 2016
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum shares Soviet footage of A-bomb damage
Aug. 4, 2016
German Jewish woman describes atomic bombing as “like hell itself” in written account
Aug. 3, 2016
Religious leaders and others gather in Tokyo to discuss nuclear abolition
Aug. 3, 2016
Nuclear abolition conference opens in Hiroshima with appeal for nuclear weapons convention
Aug. 2, 2016
Hiroshima prefectural government sends letters to 190 nations, calling on leaders to visit Hiroshima
Aug. 2, 2016
40% of privately-owned buildings that survived Hiroshima A-bombing have defects
Aug. 2, 2016
Article from the Chugoku Shimbun published by the International Committee of the Red Cross
Aug. 1, 2016
Panoramic image of Hiroshima is created from aerial photos taken by U.S. military in April 1945