Feb. 28, 2017
Irish foreign minister visits Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, vows to promote nuclear abolition
Feb. 25, 2017
Trump vow to build up U.S. nuclear arsenal prompts anger and disappointment among Hiroshima A-bomb survivors
Feb. 22, 2017
Japanese foreign minister to explain effort for nuclear-free world to Trump administration
Feb. 21, 2017
A-bomb survivors’ organizations ask Hiroshima governor to sign petition to ban nuclear weapons
Feb. 16, 2017
Panoramic model of Hiroshima before the A-bombing to be displayed again, this time at Rest House
Feb. 16, 2017
Musicians from abroad offer flowers at Cenotaph for A-bomb Victims and play A-bombed piano
Feb. 16, 2017
Peace Seeds: Teens in Hiroshima Sow Seeds of Peace (Part 41)
Feb. 14, 2017
Government officials from South Sudan receive training in Hiroshima
Feb. 12, 2017
Canadian students learn about A-bombed city from Hiroshima students in Peace Memorial Park
Feb. 10, 2017
Hiroshima University to join hands with French NPO in nuclear power plant accident research
Feb. 9, 2017
Obama’s visit to Hiroshima raises Peace Museum visitors to record high
Feb. 7, 2017
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum to build partnerships with museums in Hungary and France
Feb. 3, 2017
Japanese woman lends support for French referendum on nuclear abolition
Feb. 2, 2017
Seven groups of A-bomb survivors to pursue joint signature drive in Hiroshima for nuclear abolition
Feb. 2, 2017
A-bombed building to be preserved and turned into hub for peace education and research
Feb. 1, 2017
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum decides to extend exhibition of Obama’s paper cranes once again