Jun. 28, 2017
Hiroshima high school students create video about graduate who spent decades researching American A-bomb victims
Jun. 24, 2017
Iwakuni to accept relocation of carrier-based aircraft, air station to become one of biggest in Far East
Jun. 21, 2017
Hiroshima A-bomb survivor calls for nuclear ban at U.N. headquarters
Jun. 20, 2017
RERF chairman expresses words of remorse and appreciation to A-bomb survivors at 70th anniversary ceremony
Jun. 19, 2017
119 cities have received seeds and saplings of A-bombed trees from Mayors for Peace over past five years
Jun. 17, 2017
Hiroshima students launch project to invite Obama to visit Hiroshima again
Jun. 16, 2017
Young Japanese photographer from U.S. taking photos of A-bomb survivors in Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Jun. 16, 2017
Second round of U.N. talks on nuclear ban treaty begins
Jun. 15, 2017
Peace Seeds: Teens in Hiroshima Sow Seeds of Peace (Part 45)
Jun. 14, 2017
Kazu Sueishi, president of American Society of A-bomb Survivors, dies at 90
Jun. 11, 2017
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum seeks ties with Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum
Jun. 9, 2017
Indian students learn about atomic bombing and pledge to help abolish nuclear weapons
Jun. 6, 2017
Survey by Peace Memorial Museum reveals that number of A-bomb survivors sharing their experiences has declined to 150
Jun. 2, 2017
Seismic reinforcement work begins on Peace Memorial Museum’s main building
Jun. 2, 2017
Hiroshima mayor collects signatures for nuclear abolition with A-bomb survivors
Jun. 1, 2017
Number of visitors to Hiroshima sets new record in 2016