Mar. 30, 2018
Group of Eminent Persons submits recommendations to Japanese foreign minister, urges government to serve as “bridge”
Mar. 30, 2018
Miyoko Matsubara, who took part in World Peace Pilgrimage, dies at 85
Mar. 28, 2018
Group of Eminent Persons Conference makes recommendations for enhancing NPT regime
Mar. 18, 2018
Experts at international symposium in Hiroshima discuss “Nuclear Weapons, Governance and Peace in Asia”
Mar. 16, 2018
Sri Lankan president visits Hiroshima, vows to make efforts to help prevent a similar A-bomb tragedy
Mar. 16, 2018
Hiroshima mayor refuses to recognize foreign minister’s positive view of U.S. Nuclear Posture Review
Mar. 15, 2018
Peace Seeds: Teens in Hiroshima Sow Seeds of Peace (Part 54)
Mar. 10, 2018
A-bomb survivors respond to announcement of U.S.-North Korea summit with hope for progress in nuclear abolition
Mar. 9, 2018
Hiroshima and Nagasaki send letter to Obama Foundation, invite former president to visit A-bombed cities
Mar. 7, 2018
UN official visits Hiroshima, believes UN Secretary-General is interested in coming to A-bombed city
Mar. 4, 2018
Experts and young people gather in Hiroshima to discuss how citizens can work together to advance nuclear disarmament
Mar. 2, 2018
Speaker of Sri Lankan Parliament visits Hiroshima Peace Park, speaks positively about ratifying nuclear weapons ban treaty