Oct. 31, 2019
Daily records and pictures collected by founder of A-bomb orphans foster home donated to Peace Memorial Museum
Oct. 28, 2019
South Korean A-bomb survivor living in Japan shares A-bomb experience with students at Indonesian universities
Oct. 26, 2019
Seismic reinforcement work on main building of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum is completed
Oct. 25, 2019
World Business Conference for World Peace in Hiroshima closes
Oct. 24, 2019
World Business Conference for World Peace opens in Hiroshima
Oct. 23, 2019
Setsuko Thurlow and Dr. Henry Shibata attend Emperor’s enthronement ceremony, hope A-bomb survivors will be heard
Oct. 23, 2019
Hiroshima Prefecture to send doctors to five cities in North America to give health advice to local A-bomb survivors
Oct. 21, 2019
Zero Project Hiroshima to open on October 22 with wishes for peace expressed through art
Oct. 21, 2019
American artist and colleagues create 3D images of A-bombed artifacts for “ZERO Project Hiroshima” event
Oct. 17, 2019
Hiroshima prefectural government to collect 5,000 photos with messages to Pope
Oct. 11, 2019
Nihon Hidankyo calls on Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare to undertake fundamental review of A-bomb disease certification system
Oct. 10, 2019
Nihon Hidankyo survey reveals 60% of second-generation A-bomb survivors have “anxieties or concerns,” and 30% are interested in assuming a role conveying A-bombing experiences
Oct. 8, 2019
NPO member takes flame from Peace Park’s “Flame of Peace” to send to the Pope
Oct. 7, 2019
Nobel Peace Laureate Denis Mukwege gives speech in Hiroshima, calling for support in stopping sexual violence in Congo
Oct. 6, 2019
Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Mukwege visits Hiroshima Peace Museum, pledges to relay Hibakusha’s message
Oct. 4, 2019
A-bombed exterior wall affixed to east side of Hiroshima Andersen’s new building
Oct. 2, 2019
Queue formed for 90th opening anniversary event at Fukuya Hatchobori Main Store: A-bombed outer wall exhibit also opens