Feb. 28, 2020
Association of diet members from opposition parties seeking “a world without nuclear weapons” resumes its activity prior to NPT conference
Feb. 28, 2020
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum to close temporarily from February 29 through March 15
Feb. 26, 2020
Three A-bomb survivors claiming for A-bomb disease certification lose the case; top court says “follow-up is not active treatment”
Feb. 23, 2020
Names and photos of 16 overseas A-bombed priests and monks to be registered at Hiroshima National Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims
Feb. 23, 2020
Peace Memorial Museum begins showing video of Hiroshima which might be the earliest color footage filmed after the bombing
Feb. 18, 2020
A-bomb survivor presents new “ICAN” rose-variety seedlings to Tama City
Feb. 8, 2020
This summer, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and Nagasaki City to hold first joint A-bomb exhibit at Pearl Harbor
Feb. 6, 2020
NGO network requests group of opposition lawmakers to debate on nuclear ban treaty in Diet
Feb. 6, 2020
Special exhibition at Peace Museum features photos collected from overseas, 67 photos show “Ruins” and “Restoration” of Hiroshima
Feb. 3, 2020
Striving to fill voids in Hiroshima 75 years after the atomic bombing—Hiroshima City begins investigating return of one person’s remains in Atomic Bomb Memorial Mound to surviving family: Second case since fiscal 2010
Feb. 1, 2020
Hiroshima Prefecture adopts policy to postpone demolition of former Army Clothing Depot in keeping with prefectural assembly’s request