Jun. 30, 2020
Fukuyama Technical High School students develop tablet app for virtual exploration of pre-bombing Hiroshima
Jun. 30, 2020
On August 6, seven Hiroshima A-bomb survivors’ groups to urge Japanese government to sign and ratify nuclear weapons ban treaty
Jun. 27, 2020
Hiroshima University to hold first student summit in Hiroshima ahead of August 6, including A-bomb survivor testimonies and discussions
Jun. 26, 2020
Prime Minister to visit former Army Clothing Depot timed for August 6 ceremony, likely to devise measures to support its preservation
Jun. 23, 2020
Hiroshima High Court rules in favor of five, rejects six cases in second trial involving A-bomb disease certification
Jun. 22, 2020
Hiroshima high school students send overseas the pressed cherry blossoms from A-bombed tree
Jun. 16, 2020
Children’s Peace Monument paper-crane donations decline sharply, affecting projects that use the recycled paper
Jun. 13, 2020
Hiroshima City to postpone exhibit of unearthed structural remains of A-bombed district until next fiscal year
Jun. 8, 2020
Striving to fill voids in Hiroshima 75 years after the atomic bombing―South Korean records show Hiroshima City unaware of exact number of Korean A-bomb victims by 1945 yearend
Jun. 6, 2020
Public participation in paper lantern floating event on August 6 canceled due to coronavirus concerns
Jun. 6, 2020
Hiroshima Prefecture revises plans for two international conferences, decides on online format in year marking 75th A-bombing anniversary
Jun. 6, 2020
U.N. Secretary General reasserts intent to attend August 6 Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony: Would send a video message if visit impossible
Jun. 4, 2020
World Conferences against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs to be held in August online, amid uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 pandemic
Jun. 2, 2020
75 years after the atomic bombing, Peace Memorial Museum reopens to communicate its message