Hiroshima Institute for Peace Education creates calendar conveying horrors of war

by Taiki Yomura, Staff Writer

The Hiroshima Institute for Peace Education (located in Hiroshima’s Higashi Ward), and consisting of teachers in Hiroshima prefecture, has created a Hiroshima peace calendar for fiscal 2022.

The theme is “Messages.” The calendar has photos of messages written by atomic bomb survivors on the walls of the Fukuromachi Elementary School building (now the Peace Museum at Fukuromachi Elementary School in Naka Ward), which served as a first aid station after the bombing. Through photos and pictures, it also shows how the war involved children and forced them to live a hard life, such as marching at school athletic meets with a banner praising the military, and the hardships of school children who evacuated to a rural town during the war.

The institute has created calendars since fiscal 1982. Naofumi Abe, 58, director of the institution, said, “It is heartbreaking to reconsider the A-bombing and the war from the viewpoint of children at that time who were separated from their family and did not have enough food. I hope the calendar provides a chance to think about peace.”

Twenty-two hundred copies of the B4-sized calendar were printed. The calendars will be distributed to teachers who are members of the Institute, and for those who want to purchase the calendar, it will be sold for 1,000 yen (excluding postage). For further information, call the Institute’s goods division at 082-264-1750.

(Originally published on December 22, 2021)