Hiroshima prefectural, city governments submit plan in a bid to host G7—Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima would be main venue

by Taiki Yomura, Staff Writer

In a bid to host the 2023 summit meeting of the Group of Seven (G7) in the city of Hiroshima, the Hiroshima City and Prefectural governments on December 20 submitted a plan to Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. According to the plan, the main venue would be the Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima, located in Motoujina-machi, Minami Ward. The governments stress the hotel is an optimal venue in terms of security as well as the fact that it was used for the G7 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting held before the summit meeting in 2016.

The plan mentions the hotel was also used as a venue for the 2015 U.N. Conference on Disarmament Issues in addition to other international conferences. It also stresses the Motoujina area is surrounded by the sea and connected with the mainland by a single bridge, which makes it easy to guard. The International Conference Center Hiroshima and the Hiroshima Prefectural Sports Center, both located in Naka Ward, are candidate venues for the international media center, which will work as a base for the press from home and abroad.

As to the significance of holding the summit in Hiroshima, the plan says, “Through holding dialogues for solving international problems in Hiroshima, which recovered from the damage of the atomic bombing, the path toward the solidarity of international society and prosperity of mankind will be strongly emphasized.” The plan also contained information on the distance and travel time from Hiroshima Airport, in the city of Mihara, and the capacity of local hotels where the participants will stay.

Officials of the city and prefectural governments handed the plan to the ministry’s staff in charge. A council to promote the bidding effort will be established, and its first meeting will be held in January of next year. The council will be comprised of the local business community as well as peace and tourism organizations. The city government said, “Today we have officially announced our bid to host the summit. To make our bid a success, the public and private sectors will join forces in making requests to the national government.”

Fukuoka Prefectural and City governments and the Aichi Prefectural and Nagoya City governments have also announced their bids to host the 2023 G7 summit. This is the third time for Hiroshima City government to make a bid to host the summit following the 2000 and 2016 summits.

(Originally published on December 21, 2021)