Discounted Casualties:The Human Cost of Depleted Uranium, Part 2

by Akira Tashiro, Senior Staff Writer

“Discounted Casualties: The Human Cost of Depleted Uranium,” a series of feature articles which appeared in the Chugoku Shimbun in 2000, is an in-depth investigation compiled from on-site coverage in the U.S., the U.K., Iraq, and other countries. The significance of this report, given the fact that depleted uranium is still being used in warfare, makes it just as timely for the world today.

Part 2: The Threat in Our Backyards

<1>Careless dumping - Polluting factory near residential area

<2>Removal of contamination - High costs - dim prospects

<3>Death at 30 - High cancer rate in daughter's generation

<4>An epidemiologist's view - State's highest cancer rates

<5>Concerned citizens - Grassroots push for a manufacture ban

<6>Indefinite strike - Angered by the noxious work environment

<7>Health damage - Cancer, joint pain, and other maladies

<8>Closed factory - Particles drift over 26 miles