Hiroshima Summit 2023: Students at Motomachi High School design logo for prefectural civic group to convey hopes for peace to world

by Yu Kawakami, Staff Writer

On October 13, the Hiroshima Summit Prefectural Civic Conference, consisting of public- private-sector organizations in Hiroshima with the aim of making preparations for the summit meeting of the G7 (Group of Seven industrialized nations) to be held in Hiroshima City next year in May, officially announced its official logo. Five second-year students in a creative expression course at Motomachi Senior High School, located in Hiroshima’s Naka Ward, created the logo design, which is made up of a dove as a symbol of peace flapping its wings in flight against a vibrantly colorful origami paper pattern. To promote a sense of hospitality for the summit, the logo will be available widely for use by the public as well as private-sector organizations.

The logo’s origami paper pattern expressing the dove’s flight incorporates a design of 23 patches of paper, the same number of cities and towns located in Hiroshima Prefecture. The catch phrase to be used along with the logo is “Koko kara sekai e, Koko kara mirai e” (in English, ‘From here to the world, From here to the future’). The phrase is said to embody the A-bombed city of Hiroshima’s hopes for peace and a message for connecting with future generations.

The organization’s management office asked students studying design and other art in Motomachi Senior High School’s creative expression course to create a logo as a way to give younger generations an opportunity to take more interest in the summit meeting. The logo will be used in ads announcing events related to the summit and in banners to be raised along Hiroshima Peace Boulevard (in the city’s Naka Ward). Citizens groups and private-sector companies alike can apply to the organization’s management office for use of the logo.

On the same day, five students met with Hiroshima City Mayor Kazumi Matsui to formally reveal the logo. Yuika Kiyohara, 16, shared her wish at the meeting. “We were able to design the logo based on our unique perspective as high school students in the A-bombed city of Hiroshima. I truly hope our wish for peace spans the globe,” said Ms. Kiyohara.

(Originally published on October 14, 2022)