@100 days until Hiroshima Summit: Motoujina

by Yumie Kubo, Staff Writer

Motoujina-machi, Minami Ward, Hiroshima City, where the hotel that will be the main venue for the summit meeting of the G7 (The Group of Seven industrialized nations) is located, is an island. Until about 130 years ago, it was in Hiroshima Bay, and its name was Ujina-jima (Ujina Island).

There used to be a stretch of shallow water between the coastal area of the city and Motoujina-machi. The Hiroshima prefectural government reclaimed land from the sea over a period of five years and three months beginning 1884. An embankment road was built to connect the large area of land (now part of the Ujina region) which was created, along with Ujina Port (now Hiroshima Port), to Ujina Island, so it was connected to land. A few years later, the embankment road was turned into a bridge to facilitate boat traffic around Ujina Island. Even now, small boats pass under the bridge.

We will count down to the summit, introducing stories about Hiroshima that you should know.

(Originally published on February 8, 2023)