@ 93 days until Hiroshima Summit: Exhibits held frequently

by Rina Yuasa, Staff Writer

Since the Atomic Bomb Dome, located in Hiroshima City’s Naka Ward, opened as the Hiroshima Commercial Exhibition Hall in 1915, exhibits and fairs were frequently held in the hall. According to a chronological table compiled by Shinobu Kikuraku, an employee of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, exhibits and fairs were held as many as about 180 times for 30 years until 1945. The hall was a base for promoting culture, starting with the Hiroshima Prefectural art exhibition in 1916, for instance. It was also used as a venue for an exposition to raise citizens’ fighting spirits.

In 1919, Germans who had been taken prisoner by the Japanese military in mainland China during World War I and interned on Ninoshima Island, located off the coast of Hiroshima City, participated in an exhibition of specialty items produced by German POWs on Ninoshima Island (the photo is possessed by Hiroshi Fujii and provided by the Hiroshima Municipal Archive) and submitted their products. It is said that such products as sausages gained popularity, and that Karl Juchheim, a confectioner, baked Baumkuchen for the first time in Japan.

(Originally published on February 15, 2023)