Exhibit room at Peace Memorial Hall to undergo comprehensive renovation, including big newly installed screen, expanded seating capacity

by Kana Kobayashi, Staff Writer

The Hiroshima National Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims, located in the city’s Naka Ward, opened its doors for the first time 20 years ago, and in 2023, the facility’s room designated for special exhibits will undergo comprehensive renovation. A big screen will be newly installed in the space to show videos, images, and other materials for re-creation of the atomic bombing experience, and so on. For that purpose, the exhibit room will be closed during the period from December 30, 2022, to March 14, 2023.

About 100 square meters in area, the room is located on the hall’s first basement floor. The space is now equipped with three screens (measuring 0.9 meters high by 1.2 meters wide) that are used to play videos related to each of the facility’s special exhibits. After the renovation, a single, large screen (2.4 meters by 4.2 meters) will cover one entire wall. According to staff at the hall, the new screen will enhance the effectiveness in visually conveying the reality of the devastation caused by the atomic bombing. The number of seats for viewers will also be increased to seating for 30 from the current 10. Renovation costs are expected to total around 45 million yen.

The memorial hall, which opened in August 2002, collects and displays the names and photographs of A-bomb victims along with writings of their experiences in the bombing. About 26,000 names and photos are registered there. The upcoming renovation will be the second for the exhibit room, following the first in 2013.

Masayuki Kubo, director of the hall, said, “We hope that the renewal will enhance visual effectiveness and create an exhibit space where visitors can come in contact with the words and spirits of A-bomb survivors.”

(Originally published on December 24, 2022)