@ 23 days until Hiroshima Summit: Number of A-bomb victims

by Fumiyasu Miyano, Staff Writer

The number of victims of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima at the close of 1945 is estimated to be 140,000, with a margin of error of 10,000 people. However, the Hiroshima City government has confirmed only 89,025 A-bomb victims as of the end of March 2019, collecting the names of A-bomb victims through a demographic survey. While some names of A-bomb victims are still confirmed by information provided by bereaved families living far from Hiroshima, there is a gap between the estimated number of A-bomb victims and the number of victims confirmed by the city government.

The city government also posts copies of a list of names of A-bomb victims in various locations throughout Japan every summer. Among the approximately 70,000 unclaimed remains stored in the Atomic Bomb Memorial Mound, located within Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park in the city’s Naka Ward, the city government placed 814 names of identified A-bomb victims on the list last summer. Some remains were returned to their bereaved families more than 70 years after the atomic bombing. It is necessary to make efforts to record the evidence of life of each A-bomb victim and to fill “voids in Hiroshima.”

(Originally published on April 26, 2023)