@7 days until Hiroshima Summit: Peace Memorial Ceremony

On August 6 every year, memorial services are held at various places in Hiroshima City. The Peace Memorial Ceremony, which is organized by the Hiroshima City government and takes place in Peace Memorial Park (Naka Ward), is one such service, and August 6th is the day people mourn the victims of the atomic bombing and wish for a world without nuclear weapons and war.

The memorial ceremony was started by the city government in 1947, two years after the atomic bombing, as a Peace Festival. Since then, it has been held every year except 1950, when the ceremony was suspended by order of the General Headquarters of the Allied Forces (GHQ) due to the outbreak of the Korean War.

At the first ceremony, Shinso Hamai, then Mayor of Hiroshima, delivered the Peace Declaration, warning that nuclear war could destroy humanity and expressing his determination to build a lasting peace. Successive mayors have followed Mr. Hamai and continue to appeal to the world about their thoughts on the abolition of nuclear weapons and a message based on international circumstances during the ceremony.

(Originally published on May 12, 2023)